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Naruto Porn Story: Naruto’s payment methods – Chapter 13

Naruto Porn Story: Naruto’s payment methods – Chapter 13

Almost a week has passed by since Naruto’s had any sex. During the week Sakura, Ino, and Hinata decided to hang out with each other and have some girl talk. What else could they talk about other than one thing they did over the week, sex. Sitting down between Sakura and Ino, Hinata heard over and over about Naruto fucking these two girls. Hearing Sakura say “God his cock is big!” and of course Ino saying “He was really rough on me, but I liked it.” Made her think that these two girls next to her were both fucked by one cock and that cock was Naruto’s.

She wasn’t mad, she looked at them hearing their little conversation, imagining them moaning and screaming, squeezing their hands into fist as Naruto thrusted up their ass. She even blushed that she thought that. Was she getting turned on? She didn’t have a clue all she knew was that she wanted some of that cock even if it meant using her own sister.

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