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Naruto Porn Story: NARUTO SHIPPUDEN SAKURA GET Penetrate

Naruto Porn Story: NARUTO SHIPPUDEN SAKURA GET Penetrate

One day Sakura was coming home from a misson. But she then she fell off one of the tree branch and hit another branch but it poke her in the vagina the branch made. Sakura horny she jump down and got a branch and starts to put it in and out of here pussy. Then Akamaru ran to Sakura and starts to fuck her vagina Sakura said wait if you fuck me I will get pregnant. Akamaru stop fucking Sakura good boy you can fuck me but you have to where a condom her I have one. Sakura put the condom on Akamaru now you can fuck me Akamaru starts to fuck her yes said Sakura is feel soo good. Now Akamaru is fucking Sakura ass. Sakura and Akamaru cum but Akamaru still continue to fuck Sakura stop Akamaru said Sakura. Then a guy kick Akamaru away thank said Sakura but when she look up it was Itachi. Itachi knockout Sakura when she woke up she was still at the same place she was at. Then Itachi jump down from the tree and starts to finger her pussy what are you doing said Sakura. Itachi made Sakura wet then he put on a condom and fuck her. It feel sooo good said Sakura it feet better then doing it with a branch and a dog said Sakura. Now Itachi is fucking Sakura ass. Itachi cum so did Sakura. Itachi lift Sakura laying on the grass nude. THE END
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Humungous-jugged Konan like be on top

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Hentai Picture: Humungous-jugged Konan like be on top
Unclose the most born with a horn red hot whims of the whole-souled Naruto heroes and cacodemons relishing tameless and sensitive Bacchanalia after battles for world management. This chick getting undressed and copulating her squelching pussy with a scarlet sex toy. One awesome cum-drinker of Naruto is demonstrating miracles of slamming her ass down on huge and stiff cock for the start and then being squeezed with the same rotator in mission style…

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