Naruto Pornography Story: Temari and Tenten’s rematch

Naruto Pornography Story: Temari and Tenten’s rematch

“Huh, that all you got?” Temari taunted her Chinese opponent with her trademark smirk. “Don’t underestimate me! Things aren’t going to work out the same way this time!” Tenten replied. After the chuunin exams and Tenten’s humiliating defeat, the young weapons enthusiast had trained for three long years, never forgetting the smug look on the sand kunoichi’s face. And now that the goddess of wind stood there in front of her three years older three years stronger and somehow sexier? Tenten couldn’t believe where her mind was taking her in the middle of a fight, to a fireplace where her and the beautiful blonde ninja before her made sweet, passionate love. “DAMN IT FOCUS TENTEN” the young Chinese girl screamed inside her head but it was already too late. Temari swung her fan, sweeping all her scrolls and weapons away in a single swing.

“Hah, you seem a bit distracted, this isn’t worth my time” Temari mocked. “What?” Tenten replied. The beautiful young leaf kunoichi had waited a long time for the rematch, and for Temari to brush her off again made her felt like it was the chuunin exams all over again. “You can’t just leave! We’re in the middle of a fight!” Temari just chuckled in response to Tenten’s argument. “Hey kid listenI can’t take you seriously, you can’t even focus on an opponent in a fight. But I’ll tell ya what. If you swing by my hotel, I’m sure we could work something out” Tenten swore she saw Temari wink at her as she said this, but just blinked blankly and decided she was out of her mind. The enticing young sand kunoichi spread her fan and hopped aboard. “Ciao” she said, and blew a kiss.

Tenten got incredible angry with herself, beating herself up for freezing like a genin during a fight. It wasn’t going to happen again. The young heiress of weaponry got herself readyshe showered, and picked out a decent outfit for going out; Just some black low heeled stilettos (perfect for walking around) with black stockings, giving her athletic legs a tanned look to them. She found a red pair of shorts that showed off the definition in her thighs, and her favorite shirta white blouse with a loose fit that was extremely comfortable, yet fashionable. She looked in the mirror, and found herself putting on lipstick. She wasn’t going to lose this time, in looks, or fighting. Tenten’s beautiful thin lips wore the dark red shade beautifullyshe loved the shade but the brand was extremely smudgy, she was very careful not to touch her lips to anything applying that brand. She did one final check of herself, checking her hair, making sure the chocolate colored hair was in a perfect double bun. The lipstick worked well with Tenten’s hazel eyes, and her ensemble looked classy, yet suggestive. “Perfect” the Chinese beauty thought to herself.

Tenten made her way to Temari’s hotel, checking at the front desk for her room number. Before she knew it, she was in front of the door. She swallowed nervously and knocked. “Yeah yeah, I’m comin” she heard in a familiar rough voice. “Ahhh well look whos here” Temari remarked in her usual smug tone. Tenten again frozethe sight was breath taking. Temari was in an extremely low cut dress, reaching down only just below her waist. The jet black dress showed off everything: her excellent chest her well-defined legs her oceanic eyes were even brought out by this dress, and this magical dress showed off her slender frame, leaving nothing to the imagination. Tenten couldn’t believe it, not only did she find Temari incredibly sexy, but she had lost again It seemed like no matter how hard she strived, she could just not beat Temari in any way “Mmm you look kinda sexy beautiful” Temari remarked with a wink. “Well come in already, I’m not a fan of standin around”.

Temari pulled the still very absent-minded Tenten into her room, locking the door behind them. “Soo This rematch” Temari spoke softly as she led Tenten to the bed, holding her hand. “You have any ideas? I’m sooo busy tomorrow and then I have to leave the morning after it looks like I won’t have the time unless we did something about it tonight” another wink from the sand kunoichi. Tenten was still choked up; it seemed like every time she was about to get the strength back to speak, Temari said or did something to take it away again. “W-well what did y-you have i-in mind exactly” Temari positioned herself behind Tenten on the bed, the sand kunoichi draping her arms around the young leaf kunoichi. The wind goddess dressed in only this short piece of fabric this it could barely be called a dressshe pressed her chest to Tenten’s back, breathing hot air on her neck. “Hmmm well I’m sick and tired of fighting at least with our fists “Tenten shivered at every syllable breathed down her neck.

The young weapons specialist couldn’t take it anymore; she turned and pushed the blonde down flat onto the bed, startling her. Tenten bent down to kiss Temari wildly, no tongue just yet, but the kiss was classywild, yet restrained. When Tenten tried to pull away Temari grabbed Tenten by her hair with one hand, pulling her down into another kiss, and slid a cold hand up Tenten’s blouse, massaging her left breast with her hand. “EEP” Tenten quivered at Temari’s ice cold hand, as Temari did nothing but laugh in return. “Aww was that a bit cold? Lemme warm you up, sexy” Temari sped up the rate of her massage on Tenten’s left breast. Temari released the back of Tenten’s head, so that when she pulled away she saw a few smudges of lipstick on Temari’s lips. It made Temari have a disheveled even sexier look. Tenten felt the tension building and wanted nothing more in the world than to feel more, she instinctively weaved a hand-sign much to Temari’s surprise, summoning a kunai which she used to cut through her own clothes. The horny Chinese kunoichi turned to do the same to Temari, but found she had already discarded her dressshe had a fishnet shirt on but no bra.

Her pert nipples poked through the openings and teased Tenten. Tenten tackled Temari back onto the bed, knocking the wind out of hershe began kneading the buxom sand kunoichi’s left bosom, while taking in the right with her mouth, flicking her tongue over it before taking it in whole and sucking ever so sweetly on it “AHHH GOD” Temari yelled in surprise. Temari was a bit scaredshe was used to being in control and yet didn’t mind that this young beautiful hazel eyed, lusty spitfire was taking charge. “Ah keep going puleeeeze” Temari whined. Tenten smirked and removed her mouth from the wind goddess’s nipple, revealing another smudge of lipstick. Just as Temari was getting ready to protest to Tenten’s sudden break in the action, the Chinese kunoichi swiftly took the blunt side of her kunai and plunged it into Temari. “AHHHH GODDDD” Temari yelled mid-sentence.

Tenten smiled, the athletic beauty had every reason too: she was finally in control, and more than that Temari was even at her mercy. “Pleasedon’tstop, don’tstopdon’tstopdon’tstop” Temari was blurring her words together, overcome with desire for the younger girl. “Say please” Tenten said smugly. “N-no just keep going!” Temari’s pride wouldn’t let her give in. “Oh well I guess I’m done here, aren’t I?” Tenten remarked as she began to remove the kunai. Before she could slide even half of it out of Temari’s drenched pussy, the sand kunoichi grabbed Tenten’s hand, stopping her from pulling it out. “NO. Wait Please, I need it I’m so sorry, I want it, I need it and I’m so sorry” A single tear came streaming down Temari’s cheek much to both of their surprise. “Huh Fine but you’re on thin ice ‘kid'” Tenten rammed the kunai back into Temari, eliciting a scream from the wind goddess.

Tenten took her time, slowly sliding the kunai almost all the way out, then ramming it back in forcefully, so hard in fact, that Temari’s whole body bucked in reaction to the steel entering her. “UAHHH, please, keep going, please” Temari begged. “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that” Tenten replied with a devilish smirk. Temari was getting desperate “FUCK ME PLEASE” That was all Tenten neededshe started working her arm as fast as she could, pumping in and out, the flash of steel was nothing but a blur of silver. “OH MY GAAWWD” Temari yelled in shock, feeling a certain familiar feeling build up.

Temari took one hand and rubbed her clit, and the other one massaging her breast as the pressure built more and more. “UNNHHH TENTEEEN UAHHHHH” Tenten looked down at Temari in triumph as she watched the young kunoichi spasm 6 no 7 8 times? She lost count. Tenten released the summoning jutsu, letting the kunai disappear in a small puff of white smoke. The young Chinese ninja looked down on her rival: she lie there on the bed, depleted, her body just as suggestively curvy as ever, deep blue eyes smudges of lipstick all around her mouth and nipple The rush of power combined with the state of Temari turned Tenten onthe young weapons enthusiast was ready for round 2: this time with her on the receiving end.

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