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Sakura lets only very long slurps to lick her puss!

Sakura Haruno Porn

Hentai Picture: Sakura lets only very long slurps to lick her puss!
Anywhere you fasten your eyes on in Naruto universe you certainly will get a sight of mellow buckets squashy hurdies, meaty lank legs, slick abdomens, immeasured lungs and oozingrents and gaps ready to frig… Small exposing her thoroughly stretched ass hole after a fabulous baloney colonic… Drilling in the Naruto is truly hot and the raunchiest…

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Naruto Porn Story: Naruto 3

Naruto Porn Story: Naruto 3

Hinata heard him scream because she knew he seen the collar. Hinata why did you put this on me. “So everyone know I own you bitch. Now get over here and take my pants and panties off.” Naruto went over to Hinata and took her pants and panties off. She laid down and Naruto started eating her pussy, sliding his tongue in and out of her pussy. Hinata was moaning as Naruto slide two finger into her pussy and sucking on her clit. Hinata was smiling because she knew Naruto would be hard all day. Hinata was moaning and wrapped her legs around his head. “Oh yes that feels wonderful bitch.’ Hinata started moaning as she had her orgasm. She unwrapped her legs and Naruto stood up getting ready to fuck her. “Ok bitch get dressed we need to go to training.” Hinata but I haven’t cum yet. Hinata grabbed the belt and started hitting him. “What did I just tell you to do bitch.” Naruto started to get dressed. After they were dress and outside they went their different ways, as Hinata was smiling knowing Naruto was hers.

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