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Naruto Porno Story: Naruto’s paycheck methods ch11

Naruto Porno Story: Naruto’s paycheck methods ch11

When is she coming back? Was the question Naruto told himself for almost a week after his intercourse with Yamanaka Ino. He waited a week without going after her, a week without her curvy body, a week without her perfectly shaped breast and a week without her nice ass and tight pussy. Feeling that a week was enough he needed to think up of a better plan.

One that cannot be simply broken, or fail right there and then, besides thinking of Ino, Naruto also made up another plan over the week, being as he is loaded of waiting five days without sex this one was sure to work. He’ll have to wait for Ino if he ever wants to do her. For now it’s all attention on the plan and the girl who’s going to fall for it.

It’s another hot night in Konoha, over the week it’s been getting kind of hotter than usual, that even changes had to be made forcing store owners to stay open till late night, fruit rotted faster and other water shortages.

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