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Naruto Pornography Story: The physician – part 1

Naruto Pornography Story: The physician – part 1

After the brief tour he wrapped it up with “It’s great we were able to find a nurse in time. Hopefully you’ll be ready to handle the masses next week” he said with a laugh. “With all the help you and the school have given me, I expect I’ll be able to handle everything just fine”, she replied. “I’ll give you some time to look around in here by yourself, I have a few other things to take care of,” he said. “Just a word of advice – it’s going to be very busy the first several weeks of school, with mandatory and sports physicals needing to be done. Just… be prepared”, and with that Jirayia left the office. 0
Some time later
“OK Kiba, that’s everything I need, just make sure you get this form to your coach if you want to be ready for the JV soccer season” Tsunade said. Kiba nodded to her and left through the grabbed her water, took a sip of it, and then went out through the curtain herself. There was only one student left in her office, and Tsunade recognized him from several football practices she had stopped to watch a few minutes of at the end of her days. He was attractive so to say, Blond spiky hair, Cerulean Blue eyes, and…. whiskers? …to be continued!

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Lean Sakura gets ripped up by some thick freak!

Naruto And Sakura Have Sex

Hentai Picture: Lean Sakura gets ripped up by some thick freak!
Sex-starved Sakura blowing off a cock like she was taught to do it and getting her ass filled with no mercy. Is it possible to be fed up with first-rank Naruto naughty pastimes called to take yout breath away and render your pussy-wanting cock poke through your trousers? Another sexy hottie from Naruto boasts this gorgeous cleavage to show us and she cannot possibly miss anyone who comes up with a hard-on.

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